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A Peek Into Last Week (+ my 8 goals for this week) 

These two have been having so much fun playing together now that Baby D is so much more mobile and can keep up with Kierstyn more!

I love using my bread machine to make dough — this week I used it to make the dough for Ham & Cheese Pockets.

One of the cleaning projects I tackled on Instagram this past week was going through my jewelry. Silas helped me get some of my necklaces untangled.

This past week, I started doing LIVE Facebook Shows again. We talk about the hottest deals, you can ask questions live, and we talk about money-saving strategies. If you are interested in joining us, I go live on our Facebook Page around 5:45 p.m. CST every weekday night.

I did a craft kit from Annie’s Creative Woman this weekend.

I was so happy with how the bracelets turned out!

On Instagram this weekend, I shared about my favorite Maybelline Total Temptations Brow Definer and showed this as a before.

And here’s the after. You can see the five makeup products I use every day here.

And we got more snow this weekend!! It was beautiful!

My 10 Goals for Last Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Family Goals

  • Do a craft kit with Kaitlynn. (See above.)
  • Have a family movie night. (We watched the next episode of Amazing Race!)

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on grocery savings ideas in this economy. (See it here.)
  • Create on IG reel on how I find time to read. (See it here.)

Book Goals

  • Finish reading the rough draft of my book aloud to Jesse.
  • Finalize the rough draft and send it to two people who are going to give me feedback/critique.

I am traveling to NC this weekend for my sister’s baby shower plus have a number of extra activities and plans with friends this week, so I’m only setting 8 goals for this week.

My 8 Goals for This Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Family Goals

  • Have a date night with Jesse.

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on my best tips for surviving the first trimester.
  • Create on IG reel on my best tips for the first trimester.

Book Goals

  • Work on the Step-by-Step implementation plan for the end of the book.

What are your goals for this week? Share them in the comments below.

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