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Sign up for text alerts and never miss another hot deal! 

After the recent (and ongoing) mishap with Facebook basically hiding all of our posts from all of you, we decided to venture out and explore other social media outlets and creative ways to alert you about the deals we post each day.

And we have great news — we have joined Telegram!

I know what you’re thinking…another social media app??? But keep reading, because we think most of you will be really excited about this!

Why Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app that enables us to create our own private channel just for our readers! And we’re really, really excited about it! Here’s why…

1. No Algorithms! All of the other social media platforms you use to follow Money Saving Mom rely on confusing algorithms that hide 90% of our posts from you. That means if you depend on social media to see our deals each day, you’re missing 90% of the hottest deals we post each day! Telegram does not use any algorithms, because it’s a messaging app. You get to choose how and when you’re notified about our deals throughout the day!

2. Simplicity. We wanted a super easy way to allow our readers to subscribe to our deals and get notified as soon as they go live. And this is a great solution for us — and for all of you! It’s really easy to sign up and get started (we’ll get to that shortly).

3. Immediate Notifications. We have heard from SO many of you who say that you miss deals because of delays on social media or email newsletters. By the time you see the deal, it’s already expired. When you follow our channel on Telegram, you’ll get notified about every single HOT deal we post throughout the day as soon as it goes live, so that you never miss another deal again! (And you get to choose how you’re notified — sound, badge, banner on your phone screen, etc.)

How to Sign Up (And Never Miss Another Deal Again)

If you want to get a message every time one of our hottest deals goes live and not have to wonder if or when you’re seeing our deals, follow these simple steps below:

1. Download the app. (Apple users click here and Android users click here.)

2. Open the app and click on “start messaging.”

3. Enter your name and phone number.

4. A security code will be texted to you. Copy and paste the code into the security code field when prompted.

5. Click on this link from your phone to join our Telegram channel. Once you have the app downloaded and click on that link from a mobile device, our channel will open in your app.

6. Click the text at the bottom of the screen that says “Join.” You’re now subscribed to our channel!

7. Make sure notifications are turned on for our channel, so that you get notified of every deal we post. Just be sure to allow notifications when the app prompts you about it after signing up. You can also double check that channel notifications are on by going to settings at the bottom of the screen, then notifications and sounds, then channels.

If you did everything right, you should start seeing notifications pop up each time we share a deal through Telegram — just like the image above! See how the deal pops up on the home screen of your phone?! You’ll never miss a time-sensitive deal again!!

Note: If you decide later on that you’re getting too many notifications throughout the day, you will have the option to silence them or decide how exactly you’d like to be notified, so that you’re still subscribed to our channel but not missing any deals. You’ll always receive a visual notification within the app as seen in the above image.

That’s it!! Thank you SO much for joining us over on Telegram! We can’t wait to bring you the HOTTEST deals each day!

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